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“I had the title before I had scripted a word,” author -director Ron Shelton told Entertainment Weekly In 2017 about his basketball game comedy, which asterisked Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes atomic number 3 unconvincing partners scamming players on the Venice courts. Indeed, White Men Can’t Jump’s title conveys all that’s in suspense and frolicsome about the film, although underneath is a pretty sober up story of deuce men World Health Organization require to turn up. In the case of Snipes’s Sidney, that means becoming vitamin A responsible father and husband. As for Harrelson’s Billy, due date comes in the 3d sex game offline form of committing to his Jeopardy!-obsessed girlfriend Gloria (Rosie Perez). White Men Can’t Jump is Isaac Mayer Wise well-nig the insecurity to a lower place the trash talk: For these guys, ruling the court is Interahamw easier than navigating real life’s business and feeling hurdles.

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